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Cougar dating is an emerging trend.  A cougar is a woman of 40 years age who loves the company of young men.  Even a 35-year-old woman can be a cougar woman.  They love to make friendship with those guys of their son’s age group.  They can be married or unmarried.  Some of them date the boyfriend of their daughter.  We have seen real life cougar relationships among the Hollywood movie stars.

A cougar loves to make friendship with a young man 2 to 3 years older.  The woman has a lot of self-confidence.  She is desirable and wants young man as companion with sexual relationships.  She dislikes commitment and children in a relationship.Image

The age gap in a relationship makes a woman a true cougar.  When a 45-year-old man dates a 50-year-old lady, that lady is not a cougar.  But if a 48-year-old woman dates a 32-year-old man, then she is called a Cougar.  There can be an age gap of 15 years.

A cougar woman can be identified by the following features:

  1.  She generally dates a man 15 years younger.  A 75-year-old woman dates a man of 50 years old.
  2. She wears the dress of a young woman and takes care of her looks.
  3. A cougar woman is financially independent.  They are not dependent on any man for a living. So a lot of younger men call them another name “sugar momma“.
  4. A cougar woman welcomes a sexual relationship.  They think sexual life is possible even at an old age.  She enjoys sex with young men.  She does not like any negative attitude towards sexual life in the old age.
  5. A cougar gets respect and their relationship is strong.  The woman gets the attention and respect from the young man something that she desires.
  6. An old woman may have a lot of energy, smartness and love adventure but if she finds an old man, he may not keep pace with her life.  In this case, a young guy with a lot of energy and a love for adventure draws her attention.
  7. A cougar shows a lot of self-confidence and so young men gets easily drawn towards them.
  8. Cougars want freedom and open relationship and they find young man matching up their needs.  A young man has a lot of energy to fulfill her demands.
  9. Young men move towards old woman as they will never force them for children.
  10.   A cougar loves to keep relationship with a young man, even chatting late in the night in social networking sites.
  11.   Men find cougar dating quite interesting!  They feel a cougar woman is experienced.  The sexual life is great with a cougar woman.
  12.   The relationship between a young man and a cougar woman is based on love and not on the biological age. So they become friends forever!ImageA cougar dating is a refreshing relationship for the young man as well as the old woman. It is an addictive relationship.  This relationship is based on love and human values. Are you interested in cougar and cougar dating? It is the high time that you should have a wonderful cougar life adventure!

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  1. Thanks for the advice.

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