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Dating Tips For Older Women

Dating Tips For Older WomenFirst Date Advice For Women
The first date is always the hardest. How can you be sure he likes you? How can you make sure everything goes smoothly? There isn’t any way to ensure that everything is going to go just the way you planned, but you can ease your anxiety by following some first date advice for women. You can worry about your hair all you want, but don’t make that worry the biggest thing on your mind when you’re on your date. Feel and look relaxed, and be open to conversation instead of worrying about how you look and how you’re doing on the date. The biggest problem women have when on dates is how anxious they get — so don’t be!

Rules Of Dating For Women
Dating isn’t easy. No one claims it is, and any woman who has had her fair share of bad dates can back that up. There are so sure things when dating, and you can never put your eggs on one basket when it comes to a guy. There are some rules of dating for women that will make it easier to get over the dating minefield. For example, don’t put too much stress on yourself when you are trying to decide what to wear. Whether you are going to a casual or formal restaurant, you want to be able to be confident in yourself, but not worry about how you look. You want your focus on the man you’re out with, not on yourself.

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Are Cougars Supposed to be Dominant in Relationships?

cougar dating younger menYou might be surprised to hear our thoughts on cougars and domination.

Because cougars are older than cubs, and because with age comes power, lots of people believe that cougars are always going to be a dominant party in relationships with cubs. At CougarLure.com, we have a pretty liberal and adaptable understanding of relationships. Our philosophy is that while some cougars might be dominant, there isn’t any reason for a cub not to be.

We’d like to make it clear that we look at ‘dominant’ in a context of decision making in the relationship and control of the sexual environment. As far as the former is concerned, cougars are much more likely to have a better idea of where things should go and how quickly things should progress. They’re also likely to know about going out for dinner, staying the night and general relationship happenings that a cub might not have experience with. Naturally, a cougar could be very career-focused and completely in the dark about these things, whereas the cub is experienced and knows exactly what’s going on. While cougars typically have time on their side, it doesn’t mean they’re any better prepared for controlling a relationship than a cub is.

Cougars are often cited as having high sex drives and a desire to get exactly what they want. We’ve always thought that this is true in a lot of cases, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that they will be dominant in bed. Some women like to be taken control of and completely dominated by a male: there’s nothing wrong with this, and it’s even okay to instruct your cub on how to make sure he’s giving you the best submissive experience possible. Sexually, cougars are every bit as entitled to be submissive as their cubs are.

To put things simply, it totally depends on the individuals in the relationship. Yes, cougars have an advantage over cubs when it comes to making decisions and doing things, but this doesn’t mean that they’re going to be dominant or overly instructive. Enjoy the type of relationship you want – don’t think that being a cougar means you have to be domineering.

If you’re submissive, be submissive. If you’re dominant, be dominant. Relationships are complicated and there’s nothing wrong with a cougar being in either role.


Top Five Reasons for Young Men to Date a Cougar

Top Five Reasons for Young Men to Date a CougarWhen you are looking for love, the most desirable quality is when you feel comfortable no matter what the age difference is. According to some, age is just a number and it does not really matter. Look at Jennifer Lopez and Demi Moore, isn’t it that they date younger men? What makes an older woman so attractive? Today people are more liberated and most young people do not follow what the society dictates them to do. Tabus are getting less and less relevant. Here are some of the reasons why young men love to date older women:

Reason 1. Older women have more life experience.

To have a relationship with an older woman is easier because she understands what you want and what she wants. They already known who they are, generally cry a lot less than their younger counterparts. Maybe not all the time, but a lot more than younger women, they make wise decisions about themselves and people close to them. Older women are far better rounded; they know what they feel and why they feel it.

Reason 2. Older women give better advice and are more supportive.

They help younger men through career crises. They show him support in work and play. Older women make their words count and assist you with action, very often they will know your mood and right antidote for your blues. A younger man who keeps himself around a very supportive older woman is in for a treat, not just in bed.

Reason 3. There’s no pressure to settle down

Unlike younger women, older women had passed the age for planning a wedding and having kids so they are not waiting for you to give them a ring. If a young man has no plans to settle down just yet, having an affair with an older woman is a great move. Relationship revolves around you two and your feelings, and you never get to hear those dreaded five words: where is this relationship going?

Reason 4. Cougars can pay the bill

It’s a pride for a young man to take his woman to an expensive romantic date. However, it is also fantastically sexy for a woman who has the capacity and willingness to pay the bill during a romantic date. Men awfully love that kind of move because its sending a message like, hey I can take good care of you financially and emotionally.

Reason 5. No Drama

How many times have you been with this beautiful sexy chick with the mind of a spoiled little girl, you know: whiny, dramatic, complaining, spoiled little princess expecting everything to be about her? In cougar relationship, you are the catch, the woman is lucky to be with you. And most of the time if you just ask nicely, she will be happy to make you a sandwich.

Just being youthful is not the measurement for being attractive and desirable, there are thousands of reasons why older women can win over younger women. A great dating site for cougar relationships can be found here: http://www.cougarlure.com so go and get a sexy cougar lady for yourself!

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How to Be a Cougar

cougar looking for younger manLadies, why restrict yourselves to the company of older men when it comes to dating? Men have been dating much younger women for years, and a growing number of women have decided to keep company with younger men. Don’t let Demi Moore have all the fun. Here’s how you, too, can become a cougar.

1. Look at younger men in a whole new light. You don’t have to slip him your daughter’s phone number. Slip him yours instead.

2. Remember that age is only a number. You may be 10 years older or more, but that doesn’t mean that a younger man can’t or won’t think of you as an attractive, sexy woman.

3. Laugh at the people rude enough to point out the age difference between you and your prey. Sure, he may be barely old enough to buy his own beer, but if he is old enough to purchase alcoholic beverages, he’s old enough to figure out what he wants. Maybe what he wants is you.

4. Flaunt what you’ve got. Identify an exceptional feature to accentuate. Find a way to highlight your long legs, killer smile or great derriere. Go for a sexy and classy look that men will find alluring, and leave the trashy stuff for Britney and Paris.

5. Dare to improve yourself physically and educationally. Part of the cougar’s allure is that she is at the top of her game. She hasn’t stagnated or let herself go. Take a class, head to the gym or travel to a place that has always intrigued you. Besides, those locations can be excellent hunting grounds.

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