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Are Cougars Supposed to be Dominant in Relationships?

cougar dating younger menYou might be surprised to hear our thoughts on cougars and domination.

Because cougars are older than cubs, and because with age comes power, lots of people believe that cougars are always going to be a dominant party in relationships with cubs. At CougarLure.com, we have a pretty liberal and adaptable understanding of relationships. Our philosophy is that while some cougars might be dominant, there isn’t any reason for a cub not to be.

We’d like to make it clear that we look at ‘dominant’ in a context of decision making in the relationship and control of the sexual environment. As far as the former is concerned, cougars are much more likely to have a better idea of where things should go and how quickly things should progress. They’re also likely to know about going out for dinner, staying the night and general relationship happenings that a cub might not have experience with. Naturally, a cougar could be very career-focused and completely in the dark about these things, whereas the cub is experienced and knows exactly what’s going on. While cougars typically have time on their side, it doesn’t mean they’re any better prepared for controlling a relationship than a cub is.

Cougars are often cited as having high sex drives and a desire to get exactly what they want. We’ve always thought that this is true in a lot of cases, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that they will be dominant in bed. Some women like to be taken control of and completely dominated by a male: there’s nothing wrong with this, and it’s even okay to instruct your cub on how to make sure he’s giving you the best submissive experience possible. Sexually, cougars are every bit as entitled to be submissive as their cubs are.

To put things simply, it totally depends on the individuals in the relationship. Yes, cougars have an advantage over cubs when it comes to making decisions and doing things, but this doesn’t mean that they’re going to be dominant or overly instructive. Enjoy the type of relationship you want – don’t think that being a cougar means you have to be domineering.

If you’re submissive, be submissive. If you’re dominant, be dominant. Relationships are complicated and there’s nothing wrong with a cougar being in either role.



How to Be a Cougar

cougar looking for younger manLadies, why restrict yourselves to the company of older men when it comes to dating? Men have been dating much younger women for years, and a growing number of women have decided to keep company with younger men. Don’t let Demi Moore have all the fun. Here’s how you, too, can become a cougar.

1. Look at younger men in a whole new light. You don’t have to slip him your daughter’s phone number. Slip him yours instead.

2. Remember that age is only a number. You may be 10 years older or more, but that doesn’t mean that a younger man can’t or won’t think of you as an attractive, sexy woman.

3. Laugh at the people rude enough to point out the age difference between you and your prey. Sure, he may be barely old enough to buy his own beer, but if he is old enough to purchase alcoholic beverages, he’s old enough to figure out what he wants. Maybe what he wants is you.

4. Flaunt what you’ve got. Identify an exceptional feature to accentuate. Find a way to highlight your long legs, killer smile or great derriere. Go for a sexy and classy look that men will find alluring, and leave the trashy stuff for Britney and Paris.

5. Dare to improve yourself physically and educationally. Part of the cougar’s allure is that she is at the top of her game. She hasn’t stagnated or let herself go. Take a class, head to the gym or travel to a place that has always intrigued you. Besides, those locations can be excellent hunting grounds.

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Tips For Cougar Dating Younger Men

dating younger menAre you want to dating a younger man? Do you find that a young man would ultimately dump and abandon you for a lady young in her years? If so, you certainly aren’t the only older woman that thinks in that way. With the culture of younger woman older man relationship dynamics so prevalent in society, reversing the norm could be a revolutionary ordeal, driving women to choose powerful older men than just settle for a younger buck. However, there are many ladies that have realized the importance of emerging over society expectations and are mingling with younger men that can keep up with her hot vibrant self.

<1>Never think you’re a “Cougar”

Women don’t want to be associated with such a term that gives an implication of being on a prowl looking for younger men to pounce on. By relating your relationship to the term, you might just be damaging your companionship with a man much younger. The young man may be attracted to you and it’s best to keep the association as normal as possible.

<2>Just be confident

Men get attracted to women that exhibit confidence regardless of their age. It plays in your favor as younger girls are more insecure and are still figuring out how it is to date these guys. The older lady is already established and has had her time of playing these games with guys her age. So, she is aware of all that stuff and will never pretend. This is one thing that attracts the younger man to the elegant wiser older lady. Whatever you age may be, remember you can offer a great deal to any man at this point of time.

<3>Date fearlessly

This isn’t your first instance of dating and knowing what you want from a relationship. What are you interested in – a fling, committed-relationship, or just a rewarding companionship? You’re not naïve and you know that the man you’re dating is the right fit. So, either way that man isn’t going to make or break you. The maturity is another attribute that attracts younger men to older women. It takes a great deal of pressure off their shoulders and they continue to date until they decide if they want to seal the relationship. A date is just a date and it isn’t about getting hitched, so your world isn’t crushed since that single young man did not pay attention to you.

<4>Don’t assume the man will cheat in the relation

With age people tend to feel insecure and for a woman dating a young guy that is but obvious. If the guy is a cheater it doesn’t quite matter how old you are, he will still do that. In fact, some older women think that the relationship won’t be viable. As long as the communication is good and the relation involves respect, there’s no reason why it should not work out. Never put an expiration date for relationships unless you’re in mind for a fling.

<5>Knowing when you say goodbye

With an older woman it’s about giving love and ensuring that the other person is happy. It might be that when you both started off with the relationship, the young guy was still evolving in his career trying to come to his own. Both of you grew close together and at times fell apart. Although letting someone go can be painful, yet for the sake of happiness of both, it’s good to understand when to pull the line.

Making a decision to date a young man isn’t intriguing and is certainly fast catching on. As long as both are happy in each other’s company, the difference in age should not matter at all. If you’re fit for each other, even dating a man of your age is just the same as is with being someone young.